Volunteers quadrille

Dear Volunteer,

The equestrian club Quadrille was founded in 1981 by Anne Van Neste-d’Ieteren, Belgian dressage Champion from 1977 till 1982. Quadrille does not only have the pleasure to support valid riders but we also promote riders with disabilities in order to give them the opportunity to participate in international competitions.

Our goals are:

  • To promote horseback riding and especially dressage
  • To give support to our members and foremost to our riders and support staff for participating to National and International competitions, such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • To organize competitions or to participate in their organisations
  • To promote the sport to people with disabilities
  • To organise trainings and classes 
  • The organisation of all possible activities, taking initiatives that can help create the largest possible awareness of the horseback riding sport to valid and non-valid people and their environment International Para Equestrian


In the ‘Sport Vlaanderen Waregem’ Top Sport Centrum from 20 till 23 of April 2023.

The organisation of such a happening for disabled riders is only possible if we can count on the input of Volunteers.

We are still looking for a few volunteers. Their / Your important support and aid are of great importance to the success of the organisation. Your participation is/would be extremely appreciated by the organisation but even so by the participating riders and support staff.

Can we count on you?

We will take care of all catering and if needed for accommodation.

Thank you in advance!

From the Quadrille Team
Anne d’Ieteren
Managing Director Quadrille &responsible for the volunteers 

You can confirm your participation by sending the attachment ‘Call’ to the following email address: info@quadrille.bz