We are proud to announce which countries are already participating in our competition in 2022


Dear athletes, staff members and colleagues

Dear Athletes, Owners, Team Leaders, Sponsors, Volunteers, Friends,  We are happy to welcome you in Belgium under the current circumstances.
Since Tokyo 2020ne, and Beijing 2022, two Games in two years time, that has allowed us to live intense and fabulous sports moments.

For our club Quadrille, created in 1981, 2022 will be our 40th organization and the 20th in Waregem!
After National and International dressage competitions, where the greatest riders have participated since 1996, combined with para-dressage competitions, Quadrille has always been present.

With the support of the FRBSE and in particular Ingmar De Vos, and thereafter with the Leagues, Quadrille was the first club that contributed to the integration and collaboration within a Sports Federation.
The 1st Combined Competition in 2006 « Hands in Hands », the World Para Dressage Championship in 2003, the Qualification Competition in 2006 and the European Championship in 2011, Quadrille has allowed our Belgian riders to perform at the highest level.

Quadrille has also contributed with the help of the FRBSE to make para equestrian the 8th discipline of the FEI in 2006.
Since the Belgian participation in the Paralympic Games in para dressage (2000) no less than 10 medals have been won by our fantastic riders and as many at the European and World Championships.

Quadrille having members from other nations living in Belgium, we could celebrate 14 medals at the Games and 12 at the World and European Championships.
For this edition 2022 no less than 18 countries will be present. In the last straight line towards the World Equestrian Games in Denmark next August, the riders obviously want to get their qualification. Let's not forget that the "Road to Paris 2024" has now really started! And with the Paralympic Games just around the corner, everyone dreams of being part of it.

I would like to thank the members of the Board of Directors for their tenacity and enthusiasm over the years.
Without our faithful partners and our fantastic volunteers, all this my friends, would not have been possible.

Good luck to all the riders from the 5 continents, together we can help change the world ....

Anne d’Ieteren

President Belgian Paralympic Committee


Waarde Paardenvrienden
Eens te meer is Waregem gastheer voor een prestigieus paardenevenement.
Hiermee bevestigt de stad de ware paardenhoofdstad van Vlaanderen te zijn.

Anne d’Ieteren en haar team zetten met de CPEDI3* Waregem elk jaar opnieuw een kanjer van een organisatie op de hippische kalender.

Samen met de organisatoren van Quadrille en met alle deelnemers vormt de Koninklijke Belgische Ruiter Sportfederatie een club van mensen met dezelfde passie. 

Onze paradressuur atleten zijn niet alleen leden van die club, ze zijn veel meer dan dat, ze zijn prominenten van die club! 
Niet alleen dankzij de schitterende resultaten die ze behalen  op elk Kampioenschap of Paralympische Spelen waaraan ze deelnemen, maar  ook naast de sportieve arena’s  behoren ze tot onze sterkste persoonlijkheden.  

In de sociale media, in de geschreven en audiovisuele pers zijn ze overvloedig aanwezig. 
Zo ontpoppen ze zich tot ware ambassadeurs van de paardensport.

Onze paradressuur atleten staan trouwens klaar om ook een vooraanstaande rol te gaan spelen bij een belangrijk aspect in de verdere ontwikkeling van onze sport. 
Het welzijn van het paard. 

In geen enkele van onze hippische disciplines lijkt de band tussen atleet en dier zo natuurlijk, oprecht en diep te zijn als in de paradressuur. 
Hoe oneindig fier mogen we wel zijn op ons para team. 

Laat ons samen genieten van drie dagen absolute topsport. 
Laat ons samen genieten elkaar weer te kunnen ontmoeten, in en naast de sportieve ring.

Veel succes aan allen!

Stephan Detry
Voorzitter KBRSF


by the FEI President

On behalf of the Fédération Equestre Internationale, it is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you to the CPEDI*** here in Waregem. This edition is a very special one because it marks 40 years of event organisation, 20 of which took place at the Equestrian Center Sport Vlaanderen Waregem. Founded by Anne d'Ieteren, President of the Belgian Paralympic Committee since 2009 and former Belgian Dressage Champion, Quadrille has provided the perfect platform for international Para Dressage athletes to showcase their talent and is without question, an essential event for the discipline. 

Patience, precision, grace and an extremely special bond between horse and athlete are a massive part of the Dressage appeal alongside the active element of entertainment, which can be witnessed particularly in the Freestyle to Music competitions which are a huge crowd pleaser. When it comes to Para Dressage, the magic in the arena is palpable, displaying the undeniable complicity required to perform at this level and showing just how receptive horses are towards their athletes.

Over the next few days we will have the pleasure of seeing the best Para Athletes across five continents, representing 18 nations, battle it out for the top ranks.  As is customary, the athletes are divided into five different grades based on their level of impairment and they will be competing for titles in the Grand Prix, the Freestyle and the Team test. It is with great anticipation that we look forward to finding out who will be on the podium this year and if Denmark, undefeated since 2017, will take the team win again. 
On behalf of the Fédération Equestre Internationale, I would like to thank the organising committee and in particular Anne d’Ieteren for the time and effort invested in making this great event and spreading the values which are at the core of our sport. To the athletes and their entourage, I wish you a fantastic event and the best of luck! To the fans, I hope you enjoy every moment of our sport.

Ingmar De Vos
FEI President 


Dear equestrian friends,

This year is an important year in the life of our club Quadrille which was established in 1981. This weekend's competition is the 40th dressage competition we are organizing and the 20th here at the facilities of Sport Vlaanderen in the city of horses, Waregem.
It is a pleasure to see you again for this CPEDI*** and to be able to welcome you in more normal circumstances than last year. Although the atrocities that have choked us for weeks in Ukraine sadden us all and our thoughts are with our Ukrainian friends. Words do not exist to express what these people are currently suffering. We are also thinking of our Russian friends who must suffer the consequences of the barbaric acts of their leaders.

We are proud to be able to organise our competition once again in this important year for riders and horses who will have the possibility of qualifying for the World Equestrian Games in Denmark next August and in the longer term for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.
Once again, the Sport Vlaanderen team has pulled out all the stops to allow us to organise our competition in these beautiful facilities and we thank them wholeheartedly for their efforts. Their practical approach allows us to always find solutions so that the competition can take place in the best conditions, taking into account everyone's requirements.

Our thanks also go to the City of Waregem and its officials who, through their various aids, greatly facilitate the organization of such an event. We hope that in return our organisation can contribute to the reputability of the City in Belgium and abroad.
May I ask you for a moment of silence in honor of one of our volunteers, Marc Wijns, who left us following a tragic road accident a few days ago. Marc was one of our faithful collaborators during the competitions for several years. We extend our sincere condolences to his family and loved ones. At the same time, we would like to thank our other volunteers who are present and who will miss Marc very much.

This year the theme chosen by our partners at the Vives school, specializing in training for the event sector, is the discovery of Belgium under the theme "Get to know Belgium". We are looking forward to see how they will surprise us and we thank them already so much for their help.
Thanks to our loyal sponsors we are able to offer you a competition that lives up to the challenges and we thank them wholeheartedly. It is comforting to know that year after year they are supporting us and they allow us to put in place an infrastructure and prizes worthy of the importance of the competition.

I would especially like to thank the Quadrille Board of Directors, whose members, despite very busy professional agendas, gave their time for the success of this event. Thank you very much for everything.

Bruno Bouckaert


Sport is de ideale uitlaatklep voor heel veel mensen. Je volgt je passie, je maakt je dromen waar, je verlegt je grenzen en je kan je helemaal verliezen in de sporttakken die je na aan het hart liggen. Paardensport blijft de grootste troef van onze stad. Niets is mooier dan te zien hoe mens en paard elkaar in balans houden en samen in staat zijn tot grootse prestaties.

Van grootse prestaties gesproken, op de Paralympische Spelen in Tokio schitterde onze Waregemse amazone Michèle George als nooit tevoren met liefst twee gouden medailles. Tel daarbij ook nog eens haar drie eerdere gouden en één zilveren medaille en je begrijpt dat Michèle voor ons de gedroomde ambassadrice van de Waregemse paardensport is. Daarom werd zij begin dit jaar ook ingehuldigd als nieuwe ereburger van onze stad waardoor haar droomprestaties een eeuwige glans krijgen.

Als ‘Stad van het Paard’ laten we toeschouwers proeven van zoveel mogelijk verschillende disciplines en ondersteunen we ook vele opportuniteiten om de paardensport mogelijk te maken. Jumping, eventing, dressuur, draf, galoprennen: het kan allemaal én voor iedereen. We zijn dan ook zeer verheugd dat we ook in 2022 Quadrille mogen verwelkomen in onze stad. De CPEDI*** dressuurwedstrijden voor ruiters met een beperking zijn de kers op de taart op het hippische programma van Waregem en een even grote pluim op de hoed van de organisatoren en deelnemers.

Quadrille begeleidt straffe ruiters bij deelname aan diverse competities, tot de Olympische en Paralympische Spelen toe. Daar heb ik heel veel respect voor.

Ook buiten de competitie is er in het Waregemse Sport Vlaanderen-centrum een groot aanbod voor mensen met een handicap. Kinderen en volwassenen met een licht verstandelijke of motorische beperking kunnen hier wekelijks terecht om hun ruitercapaciteiten te testen en te verbeteren. Het is ook de perfecte infrastructuur voor trainingen, dressuur- en jumpingwedstrijden in het algemeen.

Dat alles maakt dat het paard meer dan ooit schittert in Waregem.

Van 22 tot 24 april staan Quadrille en CPEDI*** centraal in onze paardenstad. Graag bedank ik naast de organisatoren ook uitdrukkelijk de vele vrijwilligers die dit evenement in goede banen leiden. Dankzij jullie kan het internationale deelnemersveld in ideale omstandigheden aantreden.

We zijn bijzonder fier jullie opnieuw te mogen verwelkomen!
Ik wens iedereen veel succes!

Kurt Vanryckeghem
Burgemeester Waregem


REG Lamicel Collaboration CPEDI***Quadrille

REG has been supporting our organization since 2001, so REG/Lamicel has been pampering our riders for 20 years at each edition. Our para athletes are very happy to take part in the CPEDI* ** Quadrille year after year because they know they will be granted quality equestrian products.
Working with REG/Lamicel is a real pleasure.

A large range of products can satisfy all riders and especially their horses. We would like to thank Alex Tsou and his team for their unfailing support for the development of para dressage in our country.

Our collaboration makes it possible to be a quality Competition much appreciated throughout the world for its welcome and for its team of enthusiastic volunteers.


Save the date

The dates for our next International Para-Equestrian 2022 is known. It will take place on 21-26 April 2022. Make a note of it in your agenda. Hope to see you then!

Anne Van Neste-d'Ieteren, Belgian Dressage Champion from 1977 until 1982 founded this sports club in 1981. In the dressage world, Quadrille is unique, because this club is working not only with valid riders but also with paralympic riders, offering possibilities to participate to different contests.

The organization of the World Championships 2003 was a perfect example in this way and a highlight for sports intended to disabled in Belgium

The objectives of QUADRILLE

  • To promote the equestrian sports and in particular the dressage
  • To give support to its members and particularly the riders and their companions to participate in national and international competitions including Olympics and Paralympics
  • To organize competitions or to participate in the organization of these
  • To promote this sport among people with disability
  • To organize practice and education
  • The organization of all possible activities and developing all initiatives that could contribute to the widest possible publicity of the equestrian sport among able-bodied and riders with disability and their environment