Corona, Rhino … no way the organization can be stopped !  Paardensport Vlaanderen is happy and proud to assist the OC.  2021 was the most challenging period to organize this magnificent event with high importance for the para-dressage community in view of the Paralympics later this year in Tokyo.
We hope all participants enjoy their presence and we wish especially the Belgian team lots of success !



Thursday 21 April 2022
Arrival and registration horses & riders

14.00 Trot up

17.00 Chef d’Equipe meeting & drawing

18.30 Opening Ceremony & Reception Ruitersweelde
Friday 22 April 2022
Team test Paralympic riders (FEI)

18.00 Chef d’Equipe meeting tbc

18.30 PETC Meeting (Trainers)(Paris 2024)
Saturday 23 April 2022

Individual test Paralympic riders – FEI

18.00 Chef d’Equipe meeting tbc

18.30 Barbecue
Sunday 26 April 2022
Free Style - Paralympic riders (FEI)

17.00 Show Quadrille Kids & Closing Ceremony