We are already pleased to welcome the following countries to our competition




Welcome to the 19 teams who will participate in our 31st CPEDI*** and 41st edition since the creation of Quadrille, a world known notion ever since. At the 2003 World Para Dressage Championships, 31 countries participated, a record for the time, and a unique Opening Ceremony took place during the Great Steeple Chase in Waregem, on the racecourse here next door, in front of 45,000 spectators. We invited members of the FEI to attend these Championships and demonstrated that the level of the para-dressage was an equal match of quality compared to the other existing disciplines. The dream of many became a reality on January 1st 2006 when para-dressage became the 8th FEI discipline. We are proud to have contributed to this outcome.

Today, 19 countries will be represented with 92 combinations participating. The CPDI**, a novelty, which will allow new riders to join the big family of para-dressage!  The qualifications for Paris 2024 have started at the World Championships in Herning.
The Quadrille CPDI is an important step for many of you "On the Road to Paris 2024". Thank you all for being here, on behalf of the members of the Board of Quadrille, I wish you to achieve your expectations and have a good time. Thank you to all our sponsors who have supported us for more than 20 years. The National Lottery, which is faithful to its objectives of supporting sportsmen and women whatever happens, is an essential partner that contributes greatly to the integration of para-sportsmen and women in our society.
Sport Vlaanderen and the City of Waregem without whom this organization would not be what it is! Lamicell who spoils the riders at the prize-giving ceremony.

AUDI and the D'Ieteren Group, loyal sponsors since the first day.  Not forgetting Paarden Sport Vlaanderen who has been with us for a long time. The Belgian Paralympic Committee, which by helping the national organizations, allows our para-sporters to perform in front of their public at the highest level and this since 2009. VIVES, whose students make it possible for you to spend an excellent evening on Saturday evening on the theme of "Earth, sustainability and ecology". Thank you to all the members of the Board of Quadrille for the work done throughout the year and our fantastic volunteers and my family. Together with Sponsors, Directors, Volunteers, Officials and all of you, we all contribute to this fantastic 2023 edition.

Anne d’Ieteren
Managing Director Quadrille
Honorary President BPC
President LHF & CIFSAC

Foreword, by the FEI President

On behalf of the Fédération Equestre Internationale, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you back to Quadrille in Waregem for the CPEDI2* and CPEDI3*, 2023. Since 1997, prior to Para Dressage even joining the FEI, and just one year after Para Dressage was added to the Paralympic Games programme, this iconic venue hosted its first CPEDI. 
Over the coming days, you will be witness to grace, precision, skill and a special kind of harmony between horse and rider, all of which make up an essential part of the Para Dressage appeal. As always, the magic in the arena will be palpable, displaying the undeniable complicity required to perform at this level and showing just how receptive horses are towards their riders. 
As is customary, the athletes are divided into five different grades based on their level of impairment and they will be competing for titles in the Grand Prix, the Freestyle and the Lottery Nations Cup. Approximately 92 combinations from 19 nations spanning across four continents will be competing, which is simply fantastic and testimony to the sport’s rapid growth. 
Anne d'Ieteren, Honorary President of the Belgian Paralympic Committee, former Belgian Dressage Champion, FEI Technical Committee Member and Belgian chef d’Equipe, founded the equestrian centre Quadrille in 1981 with the aim of promoting equestrian sport, in particular, Dressage and Para Dressage. Over this time, we have seen the sport of Para Dressage grow tremendously in visibility and participation and there is no doubt Anne’s involvement has been integral and of immeasurable value to this sport.  
I would like to thank Anne and her team, as well as all those who have dedicated their time, commitment and support to the successful running of this event allowing people around the world to engage first-hand with FEI Para Dressage. It is thanks to a collaborative effort that we are able to ensure that prestigious events such as the one here in continue to raise the profile, visibility and reach of equestrianism around the world. 
I wish all the athletes and nations the best of luck! To the fans, I hope you will enjoy the best of what our sport has to offer. 
Ingmar De Vos
FEI President 



Welcome to our international dressage competition for Paralympic riders.

Dear friends,

Welcome to our international dressage competition for Paralympic riders. This edition is very special for our club as it is 20 years ago that we organized the world championship in 2003 with an opening ceremony here on the racetrack on the occasion of Waregem Koerse and the competition going on in the installations of the “Zilveren Spoor” in Moorsele.
For me personally, it is also a special moment because Mrs. Anne d'Ieteren asked me at that time to join Quadrille for the organization of the world championships and I was happy to contribute to the development of our club and that beautiful sport ever since.
From a sporting point of view, this edition is an important moment for horses and riders in preparation for the Olympic Games in Paris next year. This edition is also the first in which we organize a CPDI** in addition to the CPDI*** to offer new riders and horses the opportunity to qualify and thus grow to CPDI*** level.
It will therefore be a major challenge for our organization to ensure that this competition with a record number of 95 participants from 21 countries runs smoothly. I would like to thank all the members of our organization and the many volunteers for their efforts and dedication.
My thanks also go to the team of Sport Vlaanderen Waregem who make it possible for us to use their beautiful installations for our competition in the best conditions. I would also like to thank the city council of Waregem for the smooth cooperation and their positive attitude to ensure that the organization runs as smoothly as possible.
I would also like to thank our loyal sponsors for the trust they give us year after year and their generosity allows us to make this competition a great event that is highly appreciated by all participants.
Finally, I would like to thank all members of the Board of Directors for their dedication and their availability for the functioning of our club and in particular Anne d'Ieteren whose contribution to our club, to para dressage and to equestrian sport in general has no limits. This commitment must have been one of the motives for her appointment as "Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur", the highest possible decoration in the French Republic.

At last I only wish you a lot of pleasure in participating or attending our competition, we hope that it will be a successful edition and that everyone will be really satisfied.

Bruno Bouckaert
Chairman Quadrille NPO


20 years of World Para-dressage Championships

20 years of World Para-dressage Championships, 20 years of top organization of the competition in Waregem. 20 years of sociability and togetherness too... But also 20 years of hard work, and of unconditional and unbridled dedication to the sport of Para-dressage, carried by many hands, but born of the will of one lady, the driving force behind the international sport of Para-dressage, Chevalier dans l'Ordre national de la Légion d'Honneur, Mrs. Anne d'Ieteren.

Twenty years ago Moorsele was the scene of the very first World Championships in Para Dressage, and with this, organizer Quadrille stood at the basis of the internationalization of the sport of Para Dressage and actually tout court at the basis of Para Dressage. 
20 years later Waregem can still call itself a regular appointment on the FEI calendar, one of the largest internationally renowned CPEDIs with this year no less than 20 flags from all over the world, which will fly in the West Flemish wind. 85 number of international athletes will shine in the various grades at the highest level of parasports. To top it all off, CPEDI Waregem can also brag with the participation of double Paralympic champion and double world champion in Grade V, Michèle George, who is playing a home match in Waregem.

I would therefore like to express my thanks to the organizing committee, which has been able to develop the competition into what it is today, and thus put equestrian Belgium on the map, and I wish the owners and riders, and especially the Belgians, a sporting competition of the highest standard.

Stephan Detry






Wereldtop paralympische dressuur in Waregem


Paralympische ruiters aan het werk in Waregem



Anne Van Neste-d'Ieteren, Belgian Dressage Champion from 1977 until 1982 founded this sports club in 1981. In the dressage world, Quadrille is unique, because this club is working not only with valid riders but also with paralympic riders, offering possibilities to participate to different contests.

The organization of the World Championships 2003 was a perfect example in this way and a highlight for sports intended to disabled in Belgium

The objectives of QUADRILLE

  • To promote the equestrian sports and in particular the dressage
  • To give support to its members and particularly the riders and their companions to participate in national and international competitions including Olympics and Paralympics
  • To organize competitions or to participate in the organization of these
  • To promote this sport among people with disability
  • To organize practice and education
  • The organization of all possible activities and developing all initiatives that could contribute to the widest possible publicity of the equestrian sport among able-bodied and riders with disability and their environment